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Jody Pagan

As the founder and owner of Ecosystems Protection Service, Jody Pagan is all about waterfowling. Growing up on a small Arkansas farm, Pagan was immersed in the outdoors from the beginning. His experience is vast; from working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service as a biologist for nearly a decade to revitalizing the hunting scene at Five Oaks as the chief biologist, his impact on waterfowling cannot be understated.

Pagan, who founded his company in 2016, builds and rehabs hunting ecosystems throughout North and South America, including significant work in the Arkansas Grand Prairie.

Some of Pagan’s best strategies came from his work as chief biologist at Five Oaks, his eventual first client, including his strategies of graduated flooding, shorter flooding timetables, broadening food sources, nurturing trees and creating an abundance of resting areas.

These strategies have allowed Pagan to be a successful ecosystem manager in not only Arkansas but also many other states and Argentina, where the same actions he uses in Arkansas are wildly successful.

Pagan’s goal is to impact at least one million acres of ecosystems in his lifetime, something he is well on his way to.


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