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Joe Mosby

(1930-2015) AGFC Inductee

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission inductee is Joe Mosby, a longtime professional writer who covered Arkansas outdoors for decades.

Mosby wrote thousands of newspaper articles, most of which were with the Arkansas Gazette as their outdoor editor. In his early years, he worked with rural newspapers, where he was immersed in hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation.

After the Gazette closed in 1991, Mosby went on to write for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission until his death in 2015. He also produced the Arkansas Outdoors newsletter and wrote countless other articles for magazines, brochures, books and publications.

Mosby even wrote his own obituary, saying "I was something of a different kind of outdoor writer because I was a newsman assigned to the outdoor beat instead of an outdoorsman becoming a writer."

That never held him back, though, as he is perhaps Arkansas’ best-known outdoor writer.

As a journalist, Mosby was fair and a stickler for the facts, always presenting both sides of controversies and the “why,” which sometimes led to regulations and reform in hunting, fishing and habitat work.

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